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Fresh on the scene, Nood Co has been busy creating a product line that will forever change the way we think about concrete when it comes to its versatility as a product both at home and work.

Crafting from a material that is about to explode globally, Nood Co launched its design-based concrete furniture and homewares company in December, 2016. Undoubtedly sleek in design, it’s the sheer strength, various colour options and tolerance to everyday wear and tear that is shining the spotlight on concrete. Dissecting the pros and cons of the material and analysing how it is currently used today, the Nood Co team set out to change it all. Most importantly, they’ve changed the perception of how concrete can be used every day – to dine on, to wash up in, even to sit on.

We spoke with Matt Di Costa, Nood Co business partner and product designer.

Why concrete?

Chris, my business partner, and I have had a shared interest in it for a long time. Chris is head of manufacture and a guru with cementitious products, and I fell in love with concrete when I studied architecture. So we naturally began studying it and coming up with ways to better it.

What has been the initial response from the general public and industry peers?

It has been well received. Concrete has been lurking for a while, and I think next year we will see its true emergence. In my opinion, from a furniture perspective, concrete hasn’t had a good run yet. The quality has been very low, and no one has really bothered to design it. So the way we see it, the revolution has just begun and Nood Co aims to show people that concrete doesn’t have to be masculine.

What is the most unique concrete product you’ve created?

We are a design solution based business, meaning we try to solve problems and bring products to market that are unique but have purpose. The cafe table range has been very popular and it has presented a large industry with a solution, a new option. I’m proud of that. The Kevin stools are a winner amongst the Nood Co team as well.

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