Sup, Berlin?


Our guide to imbibing in the city of Berlin.

Since the fall of the Wall, Berlin has transformed from a drab post-war city to one of the most energetic, creative and culturally exuberant centres in Europe. It’s a magnet for hedonists and hipsters, but what you may not know is that it’s a foodie’s paradise, from street cafes to all out Michelin-starred dining spots. Here are our top spots for nosh:

Markthalle Neun

This food market located close to the Spree in Kreuzberg purveys delicious (and often organic) food and drinks. There’s the weekdays food market, but on weekends it’s the spot to be with events and different indie food brands on show. Not to be missed in our book, the weekend ‘breakfast market’ gets super busy so try to find a spot and get delicious bites from the vendors.

Spindler & Klatt

With cuisine that presents itself as “pan-asian with European influences”, this is an ideal place to enjoy a delicious meal on the Spree River. It would be rude not to enjoy your meal on a pontoon on the water in the summer, as we did. For the night owls, celebrate into the wee hours on the weekends when the venue turns into a diverse club with various events on its calendar.

Katz Orange

This place feels so inviting, the vendor’s love for sustainability and genuine yen for gastronomy is almost palpable. The restaurant follows an holistic approach with particular mindfulness paid to where produce is coming from, and to sourcing a seasonal menu that shows the agricultural prowess of the region (not to mention a 150-strong wine list, don’t mind if I do!)

Mogg at Mädchenschule

Gallery owner Michael Fuchs brought fresh life to the Ehemalige Jüdische Mädchenschule, a former Jewish girls’ school, which is now a complex of cafes and galleries. We loved the New York classics at Paul Mogg’s deli-style offering, with a menu that includes meat delicacies like pastrami and barbecued brisket, cold grilled sandwiches and matseball soup.

Suicide Sue Bread & Coffee

Get outside and dine while enjoying the laid back lifestyle of Berlin with Suicide Sue’s great breakfast options, amazing cakes and pies. It’s all in the presentation with cute café décor, for example our eggs with bacon came with its own little frying pan and a side of baked beans (which as an aside, are hard to find in Berlin!).


As a venue that was previously a night club, it’s no surprise Crackers is as close as you can get to dining on a dance floor. It’s a recommendation for a special evening that may (or may not) turn into a drunk night out and a great place for those from abroad to indulge in a tipple or two if they don’t have an early start. The bar in the back waits for patrons to switch from dessert to drinks, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, DJs heat up the place until people start dancing on the tables.