Ciao Italia


Italy’s chicest playground, Taormina, is heating up.

Coming soon to a sickeningly beautiful Instagram account near you; the Sicilian town of Taormina has sprung, seemingly from nowhere, to become the biggest hit of the (European) summer.

Perched on a cliffside, guaranteeing views no matter which way you turn, Taormina has long been a destination for stylish Italian holidaymakers. The narrow streets are lined with vibrant designer goods and hand-painted pottery, which is only outdone by the meticulously put together women who magically navigate the cobblestones in stiletto heels with deep, Donatella Versace tans.

A short hour from Catania, Taormina is a must-visit for anyone visiting Sicily. Touristy and relatively expensive it might be, but it’s worth the trip for the vista, the granita and brioche alone.


Bam Bar

Taormina’s most famous granita bar is adorned with hand painted ceramic everything. The wait for a table on the terrace is worth it, as is the pesca (peach) granita con crema and brioche. Expert tip: dip your brioche into the light, sweet cream and granita – and wash it down with an espresso for a typically Sicilian breakfast.

Via di Giovanni 45, Taormina

Villa Antonio

Those insanely beautiful, uninterrupted roof terrace views at Villa Antonio might knock you out, but be sure to come-to and enjoy their gorgeous, simple food. It’s Sicily at its best – simple and traditional – where quality produce is left to shine. We loved the beef and seafood prepared with juicy, sweet tomato and a deft hand in the kitchen.

Via Luigi Pirandello 88, Taormina


Morgana Bar

Morgana plays host to the best cocktails in town. The wildest, ever evolving decor (rumour has it they strip it out and re-do it every year) and a hilarious night club you won’t soon forget (depending on how many cocktails you manage to imbibe). Put your heels on and get ready to party, you’re in Morgana’s house now.

Scesa Morgana, 4, Taormina


Lido Spisone

Sure, you’ve got to take a swim around Isola Bella while you’re on the island, but if you’re after a stretch of beach without boulders and with slightly less bodies to navigate, Lido Spisone is what you’re looking for. The privately owned cove 800m from Isola Bella  takes a little navigating to get to (take the cable car down to the beach and turn left) but if you’re keen to beach, it’s worth the effort.

Via Spisone 7, Taormina