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A mid-century masterpiece just hit the market, and design-lovers city-wide will be flocking to catch a glimpse. That’s right folks, an Iwanoff is up for sale.

Where is it?






The Iwan Iwanoff creation at 53 Shannon Rd, Dianella, has just hit the property market and architecture enthusiasts will realise what a rare opportunity this presents – whether you’re in the market to buy or simply wish to walk the home’s hallowed halls. Featuring the hallmarks that made the mid century architect an icon – being the first residential architect whose work was heritage listed in Perth – Number 53 offers the artistic, the psychedelic, the mind-blowing wall detailing and a generous helping of the California cool, boxy modernist edge that avid Iwanoff fans yen for.


What’s the backstory?

Known amongst the Iwanoff crowd as the Madaschi Residence, the late Bulgarian-born architect designed this home in 1968 and put the finishing touches on in 1970. Then-owners Gino and Lina Madaschi were an Italian couple in their 50s who enlisted Iwanoff to build their dream home.

As legend has it, the couple were holidaying in Italy in 1967 when they prompted their daughter Armanda to find them a block of land. Armanda was a resident of Dianella and stumbled across the elevated block with impressive valley views. She apparently knocked over the For Sale sign so no-one else could nab it out from under them, and Gino and Lina brought the property sight unseen.


Designing a dream home

Iwanoff’s design maximised views from the elevated site, while checking off the Madaschi’s boxes for their ultimate dream home. The house encapsulates Iwanoff’s signature style with raw, rough Brutalist elements married with a classic 60s Californian vibe. All the while, it speaks to Iwanoff’s archetypal sensibility of a sexy, swanky, swinging pad. An open-plan layout, an indoor atrium garden, a sunken lounge impress. A swimming pool makes a great aspect from the spacious wrap-around balcony and adjoining party and lounge areas, purpose built for entertaining. An indoor pond and water feature, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage, workshop, study and basement round out the floor plan. Did we mention the views for days? Vistas down into the valley and beyond are spectacular, but the real clincher is the glimpses of two other Iwanoff’s nearby.


The devil is in the detail

You know from the get-go that the Madaschi house is brimming with original and unique features, thanks to a Murano glass front door handle. In true Iwanoff style, the home boasts one -off fixtures, bespoke cabinetry and custom Marano Glass detailing.

Needless to say, Iwan Iwanoff residences are scarce and seriously lusted after by lovers of architecture and design, so we’re hoping this is snapped up by someone who will make the most of every minute within this enviable living museum.

It will be sold by Auction on site on Sunday 17th December, 2017, at 4pm (if not sold prior). Call agents Mark and Debra on 0411 888 138 with queries.