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You’ll have seen her name in your favourite national magazines, however Perth photographer Jody D’Arcy’s latest project hits much closer to home.





As a commercial photographer with a client list including Gourmet TravellerHome Beautiful, House & Garden and Inside Out, you are likely to have seen her work. However Jody D’Arcy’s series documenting Rottnest island by air captures the raw, arid beauty of her favourite holiday destination.









Q: Can you tell us about your Quintessential Rottnest series?

A: I love Rottnest, our little diamond just off the coast. Whenever I arrive on the island I just have a feeling of calm – the pristine beaches, the simplicity, the small island feels and the salt lakes. Not many people know that in the wet season there can be up to 12 salt lakes on the island and each is its own shade of blush or blue/green. My partner David is a helicopter pilot so we have flown over many times.  From up there you get a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the island. To ensure I get full freedom to capture its beauty, I’m able to take the door off the helicopter and lean out with my camera… no drones here!

Q: How can people get their hands on the series?

A: It is available exclusively through Innerspace ( Each print is made to order and can be customised. In the show room you can see my prints on canvas, aluminium and cotton rag, with each having their own beautiful aesthetic.

Q: Tell us about Jody D’Arcy the photographer?

A: My background is in photojournalism and I worked for News Limited for 9 years before going freelance and starting my own business. I have always wanted to see my work published on glossy paper, hence I moved into interiors, architecture and design. I guess the hard work has paid off – I now work for eight national magazines and with local architects, builders and interiors designers. I love capturing the genius of others. It’s always a thrill to visually record a design, a product or an idea that has been someone’s love child.

Q: What about Jody D’Arcy away from the camera?

A: I’m a busy working mother of two cherubs, Samson and Luella, who have active and busy lives. Travel is definitely a passion of mine and we try to have holidays several times a year. We love to camp and explore and be amongst nature.  We adore the beach and adventure.

Q: Any career highlights to share?

A: As a photojournalist I have been able to photograph many different genres from news and fashion to sports photography. I loved travelling to photograph big sporting events, including AFL, Commonwealth Games and rugby – which is how I met Dave, who was a professional rugby player! More recently, I had work published in five magazines on shelves at the same time, one being a cover for Belle magazine! This always gives me a buzz, I never tire of seeing my work published.

Q: What makes your photographic eye unique?

A: I only see things as if it’s a shoot to be captured, no matter what I’m doing, where I am, with or without a camera. I can’t help it, it’s how I see everything, I am always making a judgment call in my head – which lens would I use? What time of day would be better? It’s continuous but it’s part of who I am.

Q: What do you love about being a creative in Perth?

A: Perth is a small place with a very extensive and varied creative community. I have made wonderful friends and contacts over the years. Perth is so isolated and that used to be viewed as a negative but it’s the best-kept secret in the world. Why would you want to live anywhere else?  As for working in Perth, it’s an organic process for me – one job leads on to another – I’ve never marketed myself or had to promote my business too much as all my work is word of mouth. That’s the beauty of working and living in Perth’s creative community.




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