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Adorably named design collective Petite Friture is set to be so Frenchy, so chic as it lights up Ultimo Interiors.




Building the Brand

Young French collective Petite Friture dubs itself a “design publishing house”, dedicated to commissioning up-and-coming designers. The resulting catalogue of objects, lighting and small furniture is elegant but also accessible, purposed as everyday objects that each tell their own story.


Founder Amélie du Passage, who is not your regular head of a design brand, created Petite Friture in 2009. She graduated from a prestigious Parisian business school and began her career at the French Ministry of Culture, later becoming the general secretary of the Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain (the international contemporary art fair), held in the Grand Palais in Paris. It was here she began establishing a relationship with young designers, which has been Petite Friture’s unique strength. The resulting professional symbiosis sees the designers and the brand both cement each other’s reputation.


Generating Friture

The brand name itself refers not only to convivial meals shared between friends, but also to the crackling sound of a bad phone connection – ‘friture’ in French – and is meant to signify buzz and excitement. Generating this kind of ‘friture’ is almost inevitable when working primarily with young talents, as the brand prefers, which has enabled its portfolio and reputation to grow quickly.


The sheer creative force has generated pieces that are like a breath of fresh air, bringing a new energy to the design scape. Unlike many relatively new brands, Petite Friture’s collections do not play it safe – the pieces are diverse, colourful, daring and idiosyncratic.


It was these qualities that stood out to the eagle-eyed team at Ultimo Interiors at the 26th Salone Del Mobile Milano, and they swiftly secured exclusive Australian rights to bring the brand home.


Designers for days

The elegant and cheerful collection includes designs from creatives such as Pierre Favresse, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Daniel Emma, Sam Baron and Andreas Engesvik.

However, Ultimo Interiors creative director, Andrew Thornton Hick is particularly excited to be bringing Constance Guissett’s Petite Friture designs to the showroom.


“Constance Guisset is one of the rising stars of French design,” Andrew says. “Her ‘Vertigo’ pendant has skyrocketed to design icon status having been picked up by Kelly Hoppen for her suite of designs for cruise line Celebrity and appeared in sets for the recent film Me Before You.”


After meeting Ms Guisset in Milan two years ago, Andrew has been following her star. “I’ve been watching her work gain in depth and palette,” he says. “Seeing an array of her vertigo lights on the Rolf Benz stand this year sealed the deal and we will soon have a modern jungle-scape at Ultimo featuring both brands.”


What’s in-store for Ultimo

Petite Friture will be Utimo’s first French collection, adding it to their stable of over 40 international brands. The team has carefully curated a selection of the Petite Friture range for the Perth market, including the Petite Friture ‘Iso’ outdoor table, ‘Mask’ mirrors, ‘Vertigo’ pendants, ‘Cherry’ Pendants and ‘Tidelight’ table lamp, among others from the French design house.


The brand acquisition is in keeping with Ultimo Interior’s vision for high-end contemporary furniture with a dedication to providing authentic originals, designed and made in Europe. Andrew says it is the perfect brand to introduce to Perth in 2018.


“The playful and almost provocative design of Petite Friture provide exactly the right balance between tension and interest in these new interior landscapes,” he says.