Historic Heart injects life back into the city.

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Discover why the east end of Perth will no longer fly under the radar.





When was the last time you explored the museums in Perth’s east end? This historic area is home to not only the iconic State Buildings, but one of Perth’s greatest collection of heritage buildings and museums that have long been forgotten.






Historic Heart of Perth Inc is helping drive people into the east end. This not for profit community organisation was established with the aim of revitalising Perth’s east end, from Barrack Street in the west to Hill Street in the east.







Historic Heart Project Manager Sandy Anghie says developer and Chair of Historic Heart, Adrian Fini, initiated the project after working on the development of the State Buildings and seeing the run-down state of the east end of Perth.

“There hasn’t been much development and therefore people have just forgotten about it, but despite this the east end is actually home to 16 hotels, including the new Westin hotel, so there are many tourists there already,” says Sandy Anghie.  “What this project is about is really making people aware of the east end and its assets and putting it back on the map.”


Last year the organisation launched its website and the first stage of its landscape and mural artwork initiative, which saw 65 new planter boxes line the streets. The planter boxes are painted by some of Western Australia’s best artists, including Jo Darbyshire, Caspar Fairhall and Peter Farmer.

“It was a symbolic thing to get people to cross Barrack Street and look and see the artwork on the street – it’s a signifier of change and new energy in the neighbourhood and likewise with the mural artworks on Pier St, the new artworks just bring it to life,” she says.

The first two murals by Helen Smith and Jeremy Kirwan-Ward are bright and inviting, instantly revitalising the area. The next mural is planned for St George’s Terrace (in the east end) and will be by artists Peter Farmer and Miranda Farmer.


This year Historic Heart also took part in Perth Festival, with a successful architecture walk through the area.

“We are also working with a local walking tour company through the east end, as well as WASO, to create a music festival; we have the Concert Hall and Cathedral which are great spaces for music,” says Anghie. “People are crossing Barrack to get to the State Buildings and hopefully the new Hibernian Place and Westin will encourage them to walk further and explore the east end.”

Hibernian Place is a new food, drink and accommodation destination, set to open late April in the east end of Perth.


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