Gathering clouds

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What happens when two “dream big” creatives get together? Magic. And in this particular instance, clouds.

They’ve been described as Nature’s poetry, stared at by millions of children interpreting their ever-changing shapes, and provided countless hours of dreamy contemplation. Now, thanks to photographer Jody D’Arcy’s self-confessed obsession with clouds and the attuned eye for design of Scandinavian Wallpaper & Décor’s Lollo Jansson, you can bring them inside and splash them across any wall you choose.


Bumping in to each other at a function 12 months ago, Jody revealed to Lollo that she had just presented her brother a cloud print that she had created for his 40th birthday.

“We got to talking about clouds and how I have been collecting them photographically forever,” Jody says.

More than enough to pique Lollo’s interest, Jody sent her a selection of clouds that marked the beginning of the collaboration.

“When I saw the cloud canvas she made up for her brother, I could immediately visualise it as a mural in a high-end, sophisticated space – perhaps in a serene nursery or a stylish boutique hotel,” Lollo says. “I selected the ones I loved most and knew would work and sell, and Jody selected a few close to her heart.”


While inspired by the true colour variations of the sky and its cloud formations, the collection has been tailored to what ultimately looks great in interior spaces.

Options for different colour palettes, along with subtle and dramatic intensity preferences, provide the consumer with an abundance of choice to suit their particular design aesthetic. “I’ve also created a filter option so that each cloud selection comes with the choice of a vintage linen filter that creates a less literal image, giving it a softer, more playful and stylised feel,” Jody explains. “We have not made it easy for people to make the decision!”


For a collection so new, the Clouds series has already garnered an impressive response from the public.

So far secured for national editorial, specified for a local hotel upgrade, and selected by Tracey – owner of Cranmore Home – for her son’s bedroom, the potential for both residential and commercial spaces is extraordinary.


Always on the search for new things, Lollo’s design philosophy is a true representation of her own personal Scandinavian style.

“It gives the clients and designers a chance to see something they weren’t expecting when they visit the studio, and how that can inform trends in a new and innovative way,” Lollo says.


A sought-after photographer who is always working to brief and documenting the genius of others, Jody rarely has the luxury of time to indulge in her own projects, however the Clouds series has proved to be just that.

“It’s been very emotional seeing people connect with them, and I’m really grateful to Lollo for that,” Jody says. “I love all things design – beautiful things, beautiful places – and I hope these clouds become that for people in the spaces they create.”


The Clouds series is also available as art prints through Scandinavian Wallpaper & Décor.