Off the Page and In-Store

Design / Life

“The simple choice of what to wear today can be a statement, a protest, an act of dissent, a suit of armour, or camouflage; choose wisely, think, because what you wear may say more about you than you want people to know. Conformity is a sickness, the cure for which is found within and when you really know who you are, then dress like it”. – Stormie Mills on his piece ‘Vogue Ghillie Suit’ for Off the Page

Claremont’s latest arts offering, following closely behind annual arts festival ARTTRA, is the Off the Page project, a unique partnership between local council, not-for-profit and businesses.









The project features eleven artworks exhibited in the windows of the retail stores throughout the Claremont Town Centre. Following an open call for submissions, the eleven artworks were selected for their relevance to the theme; Off the Page – with the majority of the works utilizing paper, print and pre-loved books.

The project is presented by Claremont Town Centre, with creative direction and support from not-for-profit arts organisation FORM, and in-kind support from the retail community of Claremont. As a model for community and economic development, the Off the Page project is unique in terms of the partnership between local government, not for profit, and commercial/ retail – with the goal being improving the economic and social well-being of the Claremont Town Centre through increased footfall of visitors coming to see the artworks.

The Off the Page project has been developed in support of the inaugural children’s literature and arts festival Scribblers, presented by FORM and launching this week in Claremont. The Off the Page artworks will be on display until the 14th of June.