WA Artist invited to create Artwork in Munich


Justine McKnight took up an invitation to undertake a creative residency in Munich with internationally acclaimed Artist Helen Britton. Based in Helen’s Munich studio Atilier and working side by side for one month, they are undertaking creative research and developing new work for their latest collaboration COLLIDE.

Justine McKnight, an accomplished Western Australian Fashion and Textile Artist, has exhibited both nationally and internationally since 2006. Justine’s garment and textile artworks have travelled and exhibited in Amsterdam, New York, Kyoto, Shanghai, Munich, as well as Melbourne, Canberra and Perth. Collaborating with acclaimed international Artist Helen Britton is not new to Justine, who over the years has established a respect and friendship that has seen her work with Helen on many high-profile projects. What makes this project so different is where it is being nurtured.




Usually developed when Helen is visiting Australia, COLLIDE will begin in Munich, stretching to surrounding European locations. The research and creative development will grow and take shape until grounded to form a collaboration of many depths layers and levels. Justine took this concept of research and artistic story-telling to Culture and the Arts WA who have thrown their support right behind it.

“The support that Culture and the Arts WA have provided for my project has been invaluable. Being able to work intensively with Helen in her Munich studio, to research and exchange cultural experiences together will enable us to build on a truly rich and authentic collaborative dialogue. I look forward to being able to share these experiences back here in WA.” said Justine.







The exceptional nature of this activity lies in the outstanding level of creativity and professionalism of Helen Britton’s practice, her Munich studio environment, as well as the unique and innovative nature of their COLLIDE project. The artworks that will grow will be the fusion of sculptural textile works that Justine does so well, along with the world, renowned jewellery works of Helen Britton’s. Visual diaries, film, artistic documentation and the challenge to bring new concepts to the table, all will form part of how this work will find it’s nexus.

Helen Britton said, “the long and complex nature of our collaborative history shows how fruitful the exchange between Justine and myself is. It has been a remarkable opportunity to be able to show Justine my world in Europe and to work together in the context of my studio in Munich. These experiences combined have been a perfect springboard to create a new body of work together.”










The opportunity for Justine’s creative research to further her understanding of the historical and cultural context for the decorative arts and the possibilities will be of significant value to both Justine and the contribution it can have on WA’s creative industries. To be heard on an international front allows WA to be cemented as one of the leaders in the Arts.

“Interest has already attracted gallerists from the many introductions and networking opportunities presented through Florence and Tilburg, allowing a string of exciting future projects to unfold.” Justine said. This artistic story COLLIDE will be one artists journey to follow…

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