Perfect Imperfection


Concrete-inspired surfaces never looked so sophisticated, with the newly launched Cosentino Silestone® Loft Series taking the architectural and industrial look to a whole new level.

The series debuted in Australia with two introductory colours: the intense grey finish and steely, industrial character of the Brooklyn that highlights the raw and imperfect beauty of concrete, and the lighter-coloured Silver Lake with its white background superimposed with gentle gradiations of grey that captures the softer texture and elegance of concrete.

Coming with a brand new finish called raw, it’s the unique technology that replicates the finish of concrete that makes the surface such a stand out amongst other concrete-inspired products currently available.

“The colour and texture vary throughout mimicking the organic look and feel of cements,” says Kate Deakin-Bell, Cosentino’s Australian Marketing Manager. “This finish is the first of its kind in the market, and the exciting thing is that Silestone’s® raw finish boasts the durability of scratch and stain resistance like it’s other colours.”

And, just like all of Silestone® surfaces, the Loft Series is made from 90 per cent natural stone, making them extremely reliable for both residential and commercial application kitchen.

“Silestone® by Cosentino is a unique quartz product, the material is not only for benchtops but can also be used for wet areas such as bathrooms and sinks,” Kate said. “Cosentino Australia now stocks Silestone® integrity sinks, which are the only sink in the market made from a single piece of quartz. This means there are no joins and less fabrication required for installation.” When it comes to versatility, there isn’t much this product can’t achieve. Silestone® is also the perfect product for indoor cladding or flooring.”

Available in 1.2, 2 and 3-centimetre thickness, as well as jumbo-format slabs of 320x158cm, the advanced product allows for extra-large benches without joints. As with authentic concrete, the Loft Series works in harmony with timber, traditional and contemporary materials, and comes with a 25-year warranty.