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Kerby Rosanes is known world-over for his intricate, geometric inkworks and it’s thanks, in part, to social media.

I’ve got to admit, I’m pretty jealous of Kerby Rosanes. At the mere age of 25, this Philippines-based illustrator already has eight books to his name, including New York Times best seller Animorphia. It’s an amazing fete that Rosanes says is the result of lots of hard work, and a little something called social media.


“I think social media played a big part in my journey,” the illustrator says. “I started my illustration career five years ago, when my sketchbook drawings went viral online. The power of sharing on the internet… If done right, it can take you places.”


And places he’s gone. “I’ve been travelling since I quit my day job; I’ve been to 25 countries since then,” he says. “Seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people from different parts of the world has been one of the best takeaways of being an artist. Plus it fuels my creative soul, so I go back to the studio with lots of ideas and inspirations.”


Rosanes says his style – intricate geometric inkworks of wild creatures – has been perfected through the continual practise of his craft.

“It took me four years of constant practise and hard work to be able to produce eight books under my name,” he says. “I draw every day and I learn something from each drawing session – either a new technique, a new concept or tool. Through several experimentations with various materials and mediums, I have come up with my own art style that looks and feels like me.”


That style is very much inspired by nature.

“Generally, my favourite animals are whales and ocean creatures,” Rosanes says. “I live in the island nation of the Philippines and the sea has been part of my childhood, right up until today.”


And while the ocean is his muse, the artist turned his focus to three land-dwelling animals for his most recent commission – a series of label illustrations for coffee brand Hunt and Brew.

“The brief was to illustrate ‘hunter’ animals to represent the countries of origin of the brand’s coffee beans,” the artist says. “The animals were a harpy eagle to represent Brazil, a spectacled bear for Colombia and a jaguar for Honduras. The concept was highly inspired by my popular series Geometric Beasts, so the project was fun to do, as it was like an extension of the series.”


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