Pulse Perspectives

Design / Life

Art Gallery WA’s refreshed take on Year 12 Perspectives, PULSE Perspectives, is live. Representing works from 31 schools across Western Australian, the exhibition is an impressive snapshot of young creative talents.

Opened by AGWA Pulse Youth Advisory Panel member Ava Hart, the usual formalities and dignitary’s presentations were replaced by the Youth Advisory Panel’s own curated event, including a truly inspiring speech by panel member Sebastian Critti-Schnaars, an emerging artist represented in the 2018 Yr 12 Perspectives exhibition. Demonstrating a presence well beyond their years, and a fearlessness in taking centre stage, Ava and Sebastian’s opening remarks demonstrated a belief in the arts as a catalyst for change.

‘The arts give me a voice, and they give many other young people a voice too’ – Sebastian Critti-Schnaars, AGWA Pulse Youth Advisory Panel member


‘When I participate in Pulse I see change happening right in front of me’ – Ava Hart, AGWA Pulse Youth Advisory Panel member


The artworks included in the exhibition, curated by AGWA Associate Curator of 21st Century Arts Dunja Rmandić address notably complex issues – asylum seekers, trauma, cultural identity, government interference – tackling harsh realities head on. Notable in the exhibition are the fibre and textile-based artworks, painstakingly created with impressive skill, bringing new life to traditional practises. In contrast to these works are digital and multimedia artworks revealing the immense capacity of technology in the arts, and this generation’s inherent skill in manipulating this medium.


“With every new selection of works for Perspectives, it is increasingly evident that the concerns of young people are global and political, that they are informed and knowledgeable, curious and compassionate, and aware of their sense of place and agency. Themes in this year’s exhibition such as wilful human impact on the environment, social and political control and cultural hybridity demonstrate this, as well as a stronger sense of voice, relevance of opinion, and presence.” – Dunja Rmandić, AGWA Associate Curator of 21st Century Arts


The exhibition coincides with the launch of AGWA Pulse, a year-round program for 15 – 21 year-olds, including events, online content and the formation of the Pulse Teen Council.


“In 2019, AGWA launches AGWA Pulse, a platform designed to better engage and attract a young audience. It is time to create a meaningful platform that connects with these teens and young adults in their world. It is a way of seeing the world through the eyes of our talented youth. AGWA Pulse takes this premise and creates a programming stream that is for young people, and by young people.” – Stefano Carboni, AGWA Director


The exhibition runs until the 22nd July 2019.