Man-tle Shop moves into Northbridge

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Man-tle graduates from Osborne Park Studio to a new Perth store and workspace.


Larz Harry and Aida Kim, the duo behind Perth-based clothing brand Man-tle, begin trading from their new Perth location today. The space aims to demonstrate the design process from beginning to end with the area being split one third studio, two thirds retail space. Larz says, “Without any internal walls, we want everyone to be able to see through to the studio. We wanted people to get a sense that we are making things. We were a brand before we were a shop”.


We entered through a small staircase off William Street, Northbridge. The pair explained how they stripped back the historic 112-year-old building to its bones.  They have fitted the space with industrial frames, customised with aluminium components fabricated in Larz’s parents’ workshop. Fitting with Man-tle’s aesthetic the space was inspired by natural light, weight and textural contrasts.


Man-tle have carefully selected a range of new products with a heavy focus on practicality to sit along-side their wares. During the couple’s time in Japan they noticed the same glasses being used in restaurants and bars. When they looked in the bottom of the glass it read ‘hard and strong’ –  something which aligned with the Man-tle aesthetic. After some research they realised it was a toughened glass developed by the biggest Japanese glass manufacturer, Toyo-Sasaki. A range of Toyo-Sasaki glasses are now exclusively available at Shop Man-tle in Australia.


In Seoul, Korea, the pair searched markets for homewares to bring back to Australia. They found a series of aluminium trays with fold out legs adorned with flower motifs. These antique serving trays caught Aida’s eye as they incited nostalgia. Larz says, “We are choosing products that resonate with us personally. Rather than just choosing what is nice or what we expect will sell, we choose them based on their story, their quality, the dialogue we have with the creators and the usefulness of the product in our lives”.


They will also be presenting camping gear by Snow Peak Japan, metal objects and lamps by Sydney based designer Henry Wilson and 3D printed ceramics by Melbourne studio Alterfact.



Upstairs, 266 William Street, Perth, 6000


Monday – Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday – Friday: 11am – 6pm

Saturday: 11am – 5pm

Sunday: 11am – 4pm