From Issue 1 – Glorious


The eponymous debut solo exhibition from Martu artist Gloria, is asher name suggests, glorious. The exhibition, presented by FORM, is currently showing in The Goods Shed, where the vivid works sit in stark contrast to the minimal exhibition space.

Born in Jigalong in 1975, Gloria is a Martu woman working out of Spinifex Hill Studios in South Hedland. An artist with cerebral palsy and limited

eyesight, Gloria is an acrylic painter within a powerful matriarchal tradition that emerged in the Western Desert in the early 2000s. Her work forms a spectrum – ranging from works full of riotous colour and

movement, to smaller pieces of quiet, subtle patterns.

Gloria’s larger pieces present colour spectrums that compliment, contrast and subtly merge – each vying for space on canvas which seems too small to contain them. The contrast and movement Gloria creates through her brush work truly make these colours sing.

The emotion and story behind the brushwork of these paintings may not be fully comprehensible to the viewer, however they read as a form of expression and release, with a sense of urgency, contemplation or calm able to be felt as you experience them.

Following in the tradition of other mononymous female rock stars (think Beyonce, Madonna) Gloria is sure to make her impact felt in the artistic arena.

With such a unique visual style, it is unsurprising that Gloria has already attracted significant attention, winning ‘Best Artwork by an Indigenous

Artist’ at the 2017 Hedland Art Awards and the ‘Merenda Gallery Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award’ at the 2017 ‘As We Are’ Awards for WA artists with an intellectual disability.

Gloria has also been selected as an emerging artist for Revealed 2018 at the Fremantle Art Centre in April.

The opening of the exhibition marks the release of a range of limited edition cashmere modal scarves featuring Gloria’s works.

The artworks recently exhibited at The Goods Shed announce Gloria as a truly exciting contemporary, collectable abstract artist.