New Agra Colours – Armadillo & Co

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Armadillo & Co is excited to unveil an expanded range of ten nature-inspired hues in their award-winning Agra Collection, following the addition of four new colour options. From the earthy and organic to the vibrantly saturated, welcome to a colour suited to every style and occasion.
Inspired by the exquisite alchemy of a single colour, Agra captures the perfect imperfections that occur when placing only one material in the hands of skilled artisans. Pure, hand-spun wool is abrash overdyed then meticulously hand knotted into a sumptuously soft pile, whose rich hue is enlivened by delicate variations in shading reminiscent of antique rugs.
Designed to balance visual restraint with covetable luxury and wear beautifully over time as it is passed down to future generations, these specialised techniques lend Agra the flexibility to enliven any room, from the classic to the contemporary. The curated range of ten colourways brims with depth and dimension. Enveloping a seasonal palette drawn from nature’s own bouquet, the revitalised Agra collection encompasses every shade – from organic neutrals to verdant greens and blues; blooming pink to show-stopping mustard. Whether acting as a feature or serving as a tonal backdrop, Agra remains soulful in heritage, rich in detail and versatile in its interior application.
The range launches in stores September 2nd
Agra is part of Armadillo & Co’s pure wool Heirloom collection, incorerapting rugs that are intricately hand knotted, remain sumptuously soft underfoot and wear beautifully over time.