RSLWA invites Aussies to embrace the spirit of mateship this ANZAC Day


RSLWA is encouraging all Aussies to get creative in a show of mateship this ANZAC Day – by standing in quiet contemplation at the end of their driveways, or on their balconies, at 6am on April 25.

RSLWA will lead this unique tribute to our fallen servicemen and women and those who have or still serve today.

The dawn commemorations will take place in the wake of the first cancellation of our ANZAC Day services since WWII, due to the COVID-19 crisis.
We invite the entire community of Western Australia to get behind us by:
• Watching out for our moving community service announcements on TV and social media in coming weeks with participation by some of WA’s most inspiring Veterans, WA Governor Kim Beazley and State Premier the Hon. Mark McGowan.
• Having children create craft or draw pictures about ANZAC Day and post on the RSLWA Facebook page and place in their home windows.
• Sharing our mateship-themed Veteran video profiles and articles on social media.
• Posting ANZAC Day tributes and photos to RSLWA’s Facebook and Instagram pages, including the #rslwamateship and #DrivewayDawnService hashtag on all social posts.
• Donating to our annual ANZAC Appeal with funds going toward the health, wellbeing and advocacy of our valued Veterans – at

And on ANZAC Day, by:
• Lighting a candle and joining our ANZAC Day driveway Dawn Service at 5.55am on April 25. Tuning in to ABC Radio and commercial radio stations for the dawn commemoration that will include The Ode, The Last Post and one-minute’s silence. #DrivewayDawnService
• Firing up a family barbecue or a traditional gunfire breakfast of bacon, eggs and sausages … plus a mug of (rum-spiked) tea or coffee to toast the fallen.
• Keeping an eye out at this time for a traditional RAAF fighter-jet flyover.
• Tuning into a special ANZAC Day commemorative broadcast on TV (more details to come).

With the pandemic causing all major events across the world to be cancelled, RSLWA State President, Peter Aspinall, said such a display of respect and solidarity would send a powerful message of support to our Veterans, their families and the entire Defence community.
“RSLWA would like to acknowledge those thousands of West Australians who have rallied on our social media pages to stand up and celebrate mateship on ANZAC Day in this unprecedented time.” Mr Aspinall said.

“To all our supporters in this time of need, RSLWA and our Veteran community salute you all.” RSLWA Chief Executive Officer, John McCourt, said mateship was one of the overriding qualities
evoked by the ANZAC spirit.
“Mateship and the ANZAC spirit are as Australian as billy tea,” said Mr McCourt. “It will certainly be humbling for the nation to rally together with us at a time when we all need to stand for ourselves and each other on such a special day.”