The Artedomus Stone Collection

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Stone is a time-tested material in design, with an intrinsic value that can’t be replicated and that lends itself to enduring architectural projects. Artedomus stands at the forefront of stone surfaces, importing and developing truly exceptional and inimitable stone from around the world, many of which are not available anywhere else in Australia.

Recognised as one the most established and knowledgeable stone companies in Australia, Artedomus has remained a firm favourite of the architecture and design community for more than 30 years. Their  longstanding relationships with quarry owners and superior manufacturers in Italy ensure architects and designers receive the very best in quality.

Artedomus goes to great lengths to identify and discover the most beautiful stones and introduce them to the design market. Elba is a hero of the natural stone range and exclusive to Artedomus. Coveted for its cool grey tones with soft brown markings, Elba is a beautiful, hardwearing stone that continues to prove its versatility and longevity. This unique stone offers a subtle, sophisticated colour palette with low porosity, making it a beautiful natural product that long lasting, naturally resilient and distinctly easy to live with. Ideal for kitchen bench tops, splash backs, bathroom walls and floors.

Elba provides the material for Artesserae, the first tile range developed by Artedomus and designed by Melbourne-based product designer Thomas Coward. Artesserae tiles are available in nine mosaic shapes in soft and subtle ElbaTM stone, and three shapes in charcoal coloured Polardur stone. These tile shapes, which include chevron, wave and honeycomb, create an additional mosaic patterning to the natural stone veining, and the sophisticated colours are easy to design and live with.

Pushing the boundaries further, is the New Volumes Collection by Artedomus of stone furniture for the home and office. These pieces are all carved from solid blocks of Elba, designed by eight different designers who challenge the relationship between form and function with each individual piece.

Artedomus is setting the benchmark in truly exceptional stone, tiles, architectural surfaces, bathware and furniture. Its stone collection is viewable online at