DesignFreo launches with DesignFreo Conversation 01 – Old Bridge / New Bridge

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DesignFreo is an independent, not-for-profit platform for raising the profile of design and designers in Fremantle and beyond through ongoing events, workshops and exhibitions.

Our first event is DesignFreo Conversation 01 – Old Bridge / New Bridge. The event will explore the complex issues around the replacement of the aging Fremantle Traffic Bridge. A panel discussion, facilitated by Meri Fatin and featuring local experts, will be followed by a Q&A session.

The fate of the old bridge and the design of the new are important decisions that will impact on our communities for decades to come. Ahead of Main Roads going out for public consultation, our panel will explore the following issues:

• Can we save the old bridge, which is on the State Heritage Register, and repurpose it into something for community use?

• If so, what could that look like? Precedents include the High Line in New York and Seoullo 7017, Seoul.

• The new bridge is an opportunity to create something with design merit – how do we ensure we get the best design outcome?

• What consideration has been given to the land uses at each end of the bridge – Cantonment Hill and the North Freo town centre? This project has the potential to open up and enhance these key hubs, and to recognise their Indigenous cultural significance.

• With the Westport process underway, would knowing that a second harbour is to be built in Kwinana open up opportunities to rethink the location of the new bridge? For example, should it be pushed further west, into the current active port zone?

Panel members:

• Rebecca Clarkson, Community Development Expert and instigator of the campaign to retain the old bridge as a public space;
• Russell Kingdom, Urban Designer (Manager – City Design and Projects, City of Fremantle);
• Dr Anthony Duckworth-Smith, Research Fellow, Australian Urban Design Research Centre;
• Brendan Moore, Aboriginal Engagement Officer, City of Fremantle.

An invitation to participate has been extended to Main Roads – we are awaiting confirmation.

Date: Thursday 30 July
Venue: Tannock Hall, Mouat Street, Fremantle
Time: 6pm for 6.30 – 8pm

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