Fabric Quarterly Issue 10 released

Design / Life

Like most, we are glad to see 2020 behind us, it was certainly a challenging year for all on many levels, most people hit hard and hurting, still.

Thankfully there’s lots of positives looking forward and with an apparent upturn in the economy, several vaccines becoming available we can hope to see some sort of normalcy setting in, but in the words of the famous song by the Hollies:  “ … the road is long, with many a winding turn that leads us to who knows where, who knows when…”

As usual, his issue has a terrific eclectic mix of stories.

Two stories about Indigenous artists, one traditional, one contemporary, continues our dedication to featuring stories of Indigenous artisans.

The “gloss” focuses on Perth Festival 2021’s link to Bilya, the River and the multi-layered significance it plays in the culture of WA’s Indigenous people.

Many of Perth’s design retailers have used 2020 as an opportunity to reinvigorate their ranges and introduce new brands, Design News showcases a few of their new additions.

For the foodies, if you can find this man’s cheese creations you’re definitely in for a treat, Colin Wood talks about his passion for the product. From WA’s well-established and ever expanding boutique distillery industry, we talk to several brewers about what makes their recipes so individualistic.

No doubt 2020 and COVID-19 has amplified the already building feeling for the need to refocus on the more important things in life, too much emphasis on the “instant”, more dedication to the self. With the help of new contributor Leigh-Ann Gemson, we hope to make the “Slow Edit” a regular feature, offering the reader some new checks and balances for a healthier lifestyle.

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