Issue 13 marks 3 years in publication

Design / Life

This issue-our thirteenth-marks the third birthday of Fabric Quarterly.

Who would have guessed that in this day and age that we would be confronted with not one, not two, but three world shattering events.

Certainly the ravages of climate change have been foreshadowed for many years and we are seeing the impact played on many stages in various forms, but a pandemic and a potential world war?! Whilst both are always a possibility few would have predicted them now.

Readers who have been with us across the whole journey will definitely have watched the magazine mature into a sophisticated, highly-regarded, and respected publication.

With the help of our valued team we have honed all aspects of the presentation to a point that FQ sits comfortably amongst its national and international peers.

This credibility has given us access to the highest quality content. So to all the Fabric Quarterly family I say a sincere thank you.


With travel restrictions eased, this issue moves its focus to the North West, showcasing some of the region’s exciting and diverse adventures and culture. For some it became Odyssey-like (Across Country) just getting home.


Locals are chafing at the bit to get out and about and spend. Eating out? We feature some of Perth’s newest and exciting fooderies. Updating your castle? We scour the design showrooms to bring what’s new on the shelf.