Fabric Quarterly Issue 14 Now Available

Design / Life

It seems a bit like Groundhog Day repeating the same emotions!

The impact of COVID-19 on most aspects of daily life continues albeit lessening.

However it does seem like we are winning a few more than we were losing. As Western Australia continues to open up to most activities we are coming to terms with how we each choose to deal with the pandemic.

The events scene continues to evolve and every day there are more organisations opening their doors to the general public.

Representing Fabric Quarterly, we are now attending more launch events for new features. And that’s exciting, bringing us back to near pre-COVID-19 times.

As the only local, quality original design and lifestyle publication, Fabric Quarterly is more often being looked to to promote many of WA’s new and innovative visions and we are delighted and privileged to be able to be that voice.

We are delighted to introduce our newest contributor, Shannon McGuire, previously the subject of a feature on NAIDOC. Shannon will cover features on fashion and Indigenous topics.

There are lots of fantastic new things to talk about, undoubtedly this issue will have something for everyone. The gloss features a photographic essay by none other than our very talented Art Director, Traianos Pakioufakis, who, with his wife, Meg, jumped on the opening of Australia’s international borders to visit the country of his origins, Greece, for an extended stay.

We would again like to sincerely thank our regular contributors who continuously and unselfishly enrich and elevate our content to the next level—we’re running out of levels— incredible! Like an onion they add a layer of credibility that is not easily achievable.