20th March – 18th April


Exhibition  & Residency featuring Mikaela Castledine and Judy Rogers

An exhibition and residency during which two artists bring their distinctive practices and diverse inspirations to form strong and enduring connections.

From the persistence of social mores, the endurance and beauty of nature and the power of our eternal narratives, Mikaela Castledine and Judy Rogers explore the wideranging influences that have led them to this point in their successful arts careers and determine which will carry them forward; which are significant; which are powerful and which are everlasting.

It seems the main purpose and value of a residency is to be away; away from your regular routine; away from your comfortable spaces. Like a journey into unexplored places – an adventure full of potential to learn and grow and bring back treasures.

Judy and Mikaela are embarking on a month long trip into the deep forests and invite you to wish them bon voyage!


Saturday 20 March at 2.00pm

Opening hours: Wed 10-2, Fri 10-2, Sat-Sun 10-4

Exhibition of fibre sculptures, installations, mixed media paintings on board and limited edition prints.


20 March -18 April 2021 Lost Eden Creative Gallery 58 Mclarty St, Dwellingup