4th March – 26th March

Forrest Chase celebrates the ‘People of Perth’ in a new interactive exhibition

Forrest Chase is set to unveil a new interactive art exhibition that depicts the magnificence of life in Western Australia.

Created by an eclectic group of four Perth-based artists, ‘People of Perth’ allows visitors to envision Western Australian life through a different lens, understanding the personal experience and mind-set
of each artist:
J.D. Penangke : An Indigenous artist who has created a mural piece that captures how the traditional Indigenous pathways have become main roads in Perth’s CBD.

Slapnukl: A 10-year-old skateboarder and illustrator who works closely with his twin to interpret urban street art culture, with an anime twist.

Kathy Bierma: A multi-faceted artist who highlights different elements of our world-famous ocean through neon lighting features.

Joshua Diong: A landscape photographer who scours the state far and wide to capture everything from the bright colours of northern WA, to the deep hues of the South-West
through the lens of his camera.

To further enhance the exhibition experience, each artwork incorporates interactive elements that visitors can use to truly bring the artwork to life.

Visitors will also be able to learn about the inspiration behind their pieces directly from the artist, through an audio recording at each display window.

The ‘People of Perth’ exhibition will be activated for a limited time on Level 1 at Forrest Chase, from Thursday 4 March.