12th May – 12th June


Fremantle artist Madeleine Beech has been confirmed as the fourth local Western Australian artist to have her design selected to be immortalised on cans of Otherside beer.

Maddy’s work entitled ‘Metamorphosis’ now features on cans of Sabbath Pastry Stout as part of the brewery’s Creative Release.

Otherside’s Creative Release is a Tapped By Otherside initiative designed to provide career profiling opportunities for young, local creatives via a visual arts grant. Over 12 months four local artists will have their artwork featured on cans of beer for three months and receive a $1,000 visual arts grant, and a three-month artist residency at Freo.Social.

Commenting on what inspired her to submit her artwork for the Creative Release grant, Ms Beech said, “I think sharing is really important. By collaborating with different industries, people are able to not only see your artwork in different ways but experience it in different ways as well.”

Explaining her artwork Ms Beech said, “When I was young I was captivated by the observational anatomical drawing studies of Leonardo Da Vinci in the 1400’s-1500’s. Alike to myself, Da Vinci was also interested with the notion of ‘what remains inside’, although he investigated and dissected the human body…Through my inspiration from the drawings of Da Vinci and notions of personal questioning, the can and label of the Sabbath created a transformed and imagined abstract of ‘what remains inside’.

Sabbath, a decadent dessert stout that sits at 6.6%, is brewed with local coffee from Little Owl Coffee Roasters that according Head Brewer Rhys Lopez, ‘complements the chocolate and coffee flavours in the malt bill’. “We also added and vanilla beans and lactose post ferment that ensure this beer is well balanced between sweet flavours and gentle bitterness.”

Nominations for the Creative Release visual arts grant are reviewed and selected by a panel of judges, including Otherside Branding & Communications Manager Sally Tucker, Block Branding Creative Director Mark Braddock and Art Gallery of WA Exhibition Designer Dani Lye.

“In two weeks we open nominations for our next Creative Release – Headliner Double IIPA. As the name suggests, this beer is a big, bold, showstopper. We look forward to seeing the different artist interpretations for this one.” Ms Tucker said.

Sabbath will be available online at. www.othersidebrewing.com.au and in selected retail stores from 11th May 2020.

Applications for the next Creative Release Grant –Headliner – open Monday 24th May 2020 and must be submitted via the Tapped website at http://www.tappedbyotherside.com. Nominations will close at 5pm Sunday 4th July 2020.