20th February – 3rd April


In honour of International Women’s Day 2021, the Perth Centre for Photography is pleased to present new work never before seen in WA, by all women artists from Australia and beyond. – Consumed: Stilled Lives by Dawn Woolley (UK) and A Particular Being by the Lumina Collective. These exhibitions explore concepts of consumerism, idealisation, notions of memory and grievibility.

Consumed: Stilled Lives – Dawn Woolley (UK)

Dawn Woolley (UK) is a visual artist and research fellow at Leeds Arts University who uses photographs of objects and people to question issues of artificiality and idealisation. She examines representations of gender in popular culture to draw attention to stereotypes. Sculpted objects – made with a variety of materials including concrete, rubbish, blancmange, and rotting meat – function as portraits of different types of consumer. We are what we consume. She also creates public interventions in spaces in cities – keep an eye around the Perth CBD for Woolley’s latest public intervention!

A Particular Being – Lumina Collective

Lumina is a group of award-winning female artists from around Australia who are committed to revealing narratives within the Australian landscape and further afield. Artists include Donna Bailey, Chloe Bartram, Jessie Boylan, Aletheia Casey, Anna Maria Antoinette D’Addario, Lyndal Irons, Morganna Magee and Sarah Rhodes.

What makes one life worth remembering?  Lives are forgotten because their values are unreadable, and once lost, lives may not be understood to have been a life at all. In this new major exhibition, Lumina attempts to explore notions of grievability, memory and recognition in an unstable world. Through their eight distinct lenses, Lumina reimagines diverse and discrete lives poised at times of personal and global unease.

Perth Centre for Photography
King Street Arts Centre
357-365 Murray Street
Perth WA 6000