12th September – 10th October

Merrick Belyea & Brad Rimmer to open @ art Collective WA

Merrick Belyea‘s “Even in Arcadia, There Am I” and Brad Rimmer‘s “Nocturne” set to open at art Collective WA

Recent paintings by Merrick Belyea reflect on environmental concerns and mankind’s curious appetite for destruction. Paring back the veneer of previously prepared paint layers reveals the detritus of process and the fragility of surface. The resultant muted tones uncover a fading memory of Arcadia and the abandonment of utopian ideals.


From ancient times to the present, the Alps have had mythological, spiritual and romantic significance. Brad Rimmer recasts the mountain scenes of our vernacular memories, glowing in the haunting monotone of nightlight. He explores the darker meanings of the woodlands and the stark landscapes, the hidden truths often masked by touristic marketing and sentimentalised vacationist reverence.

OPENING Saturday 12 September, 2–4pm

EXHIBITIONS ON until Saturday 10 October 2020

Art Collective WA, 2/565 Hay Street, Cathedral Square, Perth

Wednesday to Friday 11am–4pm
Saturday 12–4pm