15th August

PICA brings you ‘xhe online’ – an interactive digital performance

How do we share a touch despite its impossibility now?

xhe (online) marks an international and remotely produced collaboration between PICA (Perth, Australia) and Dance Nucleus (Singapore) with support from Something Great – Performing Arts Collective (Berlin, Germany). Presented within PICA’s repurposed 2020 programming in light of COVID-19, a hybrid of physical and digital encounters, xhe (online) is an interactive digital performance made for our times.

xhe is not a he, not a she, not an it. Pronounced ‘zhee’ or like ‘j’y’ in French, xhe is the pronoun for the possible, the queer or the multiple, a figure that moves between a Square and an Octopus. In Daniel Kok’s and Miho Shimizu’s performance work xhe, a singular body is already an expression of multiplicity, and One is always Other and Many. This durational performance is a choreographic bricolage of different forms – installation art, dance, music, film – bringing different artists and audiences together in search for this elusive figure.

In light of COVID-19, Daniel Kok and his team are in residence at Dance Nucleus in Singapore to translate this performance work, for which liveness is a crucial ingredient, into a digital version for online engagement. Recognising the participatory nature of the original work and the current question of physical distance, xhe (online) reflects on what is lost or gained with the ubiquity of telecommuting in our lives today, attempts to transcend the limitations of the computer screen and revive a sense of social proximity. As we spend time together, we hope to summon, to discover, to receive, even to become xhe.

Tune in to ZOOM with your friends and family for this playful durational performance, a colourful choreographic bricolage of different forms blending installation art, dance, music, and film.



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