20th May – 20th June

Seasonal Brewing Company’s Inaugural Can Release features designs by New Kid on the Block, Travis Kenney

Local Perth designer, Travis Kenney, has made his first foray into beer packaging with the launch of The Seasonal Brewing Company’s (Seasonal) first can release.

In keeping with the existing Seasonal brand identity, the three beer can designs, Pale Ale, Black IPA and NEIPA, feature abstract and organic illustrations, drawing from nature and each individual beer styles prevailing characteristics, which include varying amounts of fruit and floral undertones.

With a supplied brief very much open and free for artistic exploration, Kenney drew on the tranquil, organic and natural feeling of the existing brand;

“The Seasonal Brewing Company’s significant references back to nature and art, within both the venue and their existing branding, are key to their brand recognition. I felt the focus of the concepts should be based upon expanding the existing brand visuals and image, whilst solidifying the beers within the market, with a reference back to the beautiful, recognisable accompanying artwork at the venue,” said Kenney.

Having recently opened their doors in spring of 2019, the hospitality restrictions enforced due to the Covid-19 pandemic were the catalyst for Seasonal to launch their first can release earlier than anticipated. Head Brewer, Brody Watts, says when they looked to launch their cans he knew Kenney was the man for the job;

“This pandemic has been an uncertain time for everyone in hospitality, but particularly for us being so new, we needed to look to keep our brand front of mind and in the hands of punters, so cans were the answer. At Seasonal we look to keep everything as local as possible, so engaged Travis Kenney for the job. Like us, he is both a Maylands local and a new kid on the design block, who understood our brand and is clearly passionate about beer. Like our beers his designs are fresh, organic and natural, and not only encapsulate the existing Seasonal brand, but build on it”, explained Watts.

Available from their Maylands venue and select local bottle shops, Seasonal dropped their first batch of cans last week to great reception, both for the brews and the design;

“Response from punters on the beers has been fantastic. The cans are really striking in their presentation and stand out in quite an elegant way when compared to a lot of other brands on the market. This is perfect for us, as we need to build a consumer base rather than rely on an existing one.” said Watts.

After working with Seasonal, Kenney is excited by the realm of beer and brewing packaging and design, and working more in this sector;

“Over the past few years, the brewing trade in Perth has evolved into an exciting and vibrant industry that has been producing world class craft beer. As the standards have increased over time, I believe the focus on creative and well thought out design in the industry has increased with it. With bottle shops stocked to the brim with beers wrapped in an eclectic range of beautiful illustrations, unique typography and vast range of colours; the beer and alcohol branding and packaging world feels to me like it is currently at the forefront of creative design”, said Kenney.




Photo credits: Gavin Bellinger (Empty Bottles Media), Guy Southern (@goodtimescraftbeer)