13th October – 24th October

Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company and Goolarri Media present the world premiere of… FIFO – Fit In or F**k Off!

In a country abundant with natural resources, mining is a way of survival.

This warm, tautly written drama pulls no punches as it explores the impact of mining on two Indigenous families, developed from extensive interviews with miners from across the country and lived experience of the writer. Starting in Broome with Goolarri Media’s Indigenous Writers program, and developing with the support of Yirra Yaakin, Playwriting Australia, Ilbijerri and Moogahlin’s Yellamundie First Nations Play Festival, FIFO – Fit In or F*ck Off! brings us an exciting new voice from the Kimberley, former FIFO worker Melody Dia.

Short Synopsis

The boom went bust, and now Jono’s in a desert mine site’s donga, trapped in debt and a lifestyle that is slowly strangling his liyarn. Jono’s wife Mary feels stuck in the high flying life of the lonely FIFO parent and has decided they’d be better off cutting their losses and moving home to Broome, close to family and her younger sister Janey. But the old neighbourhood, and her sister, ‘ain’t what they used to be’. Janey is locked in her house, sliding into stand-up comedic delusion as she awaits her FIFO husband Brad’s return. But where is Brad? And where’s their young daughter Katie? Something’s gotta give, but what will it take to stop the slide into the deepening pit that threatens to engulf them all?


Playwright: Melody Dia
Director: Eva Grace Mullaley
Assistant Director: Bruce Denny
Dramaturgs: Mari Lourey & Dot West
Creative Producers: Jodie Bell, Elinor King & Mari Lourey
Production Manager: Mike Nanning
Stage Manager: Karen Cook
Set & Costume: Designer Neil Sheriff
Sound Designer: Ella Portwine
Lighting Designer: Peter Young
Cast includes: Bobbi Henry & Trevor Ryan

Season Information

FIFO – Fit In or F**k Off! is among the first theatre shows to be presented in Perth after the COVID-19 lock down.

Dates: 13- 24 October 2020 (Perth) | 29 – 31 October 2020 (Broome)
Venue: Subiaco Arts Centre (Perth) | Gimme Club (Broome)
Time: Tues – Thurs 7:00pm & Fri – Sat 7:30pm
Matinee Performance: Sat 24 – 2:00pm
Tickets: $26 – $40

More Information