Cold Brew


What happens when you combine Beerfarm’s milk stout with Stable Hands’ cold drip coffee? A limited-edition brew called Phat White Milk Stout. Beerfarm’s Andy Minness tells Fabric more.






FQ: Tell us about your coffee beer creation – Phat White Milk Stout.

AM: We put our Beerfarm milk stout into a 41-litre beer cask, then conditioned it with a Brasil Fazenda do Sertao coffee cold brew supplied by Stable Hands. This then went into refermentation and essentially combined the chocolate flavours of the beer with the rich coffee flavours of the cold drip.


FQ: What made you partner with Stable Hands to create this beer?

AM: Stable Hands share the same values as we do at Beerfarm – quality produce, quality beverages and quality people all wrapped up in a cracking environment. Stable Hands had some unfortunate issues that closed the venue for a short period. They love coffee, we love beer, and the two are colliding to welcome Stable Hands back to trade.


FQ: What does coffee and beer colliding taste like?

AM: Chocolate flavours from the stout, combined with subtle sweet almond, cocoa and hickory from the coffee bean.


FQ: Why are you only producing one cask?

AM: Unique ingredients are extremely limited so only producing a small batch makes it more special for those who we work with. No cask will ever be the same and each allows the collaborators to contribute directly to the product.


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