In a city swarming with local talent, Fabric documents the one-of-a-kind homes, the coveted products, the must-have threads and the latest spots to drink and dine in Western Australia.

Spanning architecture, design, fashion, food, travel and events, originality is at the very core of Fabric. Showcasing the best that Perth and greater W.A. has to offer, it’s here where you’ll see how a city makes its unique isolation work in its favour and exceed expectations.

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“Fabric Quarterly has provided Perth with a much needed platform with which to explore, address and dialogue the local creative arts. Not only are the team behind Fabric effectively broadcasting the dynamism that exists in our own backyard, they are doing so in print. In an era where electronic communication takes precedence, the publication of tangible reading material should be both commended and supported.
It has been a pleasure to work with the Fabric team and we look forward to observing their continued success.”
Lucy, owner Wise Child Wine Store, North Fremantle
“I just want to say thank you for all of the support over the past year. Having our brand featured on the front cover and within your first issue has provided us irreplaceable promotion in the very best way. It put our images and story into the eyeshot of so many interested people. 
The follow-up feature we wrote as a travel guide for your third issue was also an effective way for us to share more of our world with your perfectly aligned readership.
We feel Fabric Quarterly is a great match for our brand and our story and it is a totally unique offering in the Australian media realm.
Thank you very much- 
We look forward to working with you again soon.”
Larz Harry, Founder Heavy Weight Clothing Company, Australia

“Fabric Quarterly is a cultural gem.

This high-end glossy magazine is a valuable addition to the Perth cultural scene. It provides a voice for the local creative sector at a time when other media players are in full retreat from this space.

In an era dominated by the globalisation of culture, this  new art, design and lifestyle publication focuses the public gaze on the innovators who are shaping Perth’s identity and exporting its creativity to the world.

The purpose of Fabric Quarterly aligns very much with the aspirations of Perth Festival as the longest-running  arts festival in the southern hemisphere.

The Festival team is acutely aware of the need to shine the spotlight on the remarkable creative talents working in reputedly the most remote capital city in the world.

The Festival invites hundreds of international artists to Perth to present work to the people of Western Australia and to exchange their ideas and expertise with local creators.

Fabric Quarterly – under the leadership and vision of Kay Cohen and Marcus Rosenwax  – provides great coverage of the Perth creative sector and its impact on our social and economic well-being.

It embodies innovation and excellence through the design and writing within its pages. It is where form and content meet to inspire readers and to reflect the quality of Perth’s artists and designers.

This is why Perth Festival seeks to include a copy of Fabric Quarterly in the welcome packs we distribute to our international artists and presenters, visiting media representatives and participating Festival venues.

As a representation of the cultural activity here in Perth, Fabric Quarterly is a strong calling card to present throughout the world.”

Stephen Bevis

Communications Manager

Perth Festival



“As a born and bred Perth Interior Designer and proud Western Australian it is a source of great pride and indeed pleasure to have a magazine of the exceptional quality as Fabric Quarterly as a champion of Western Australian design and culture.  No longer playing second fiddle to the east coast, Perth and WA are burgeoning powerhouses of creativity and innovation across the arts, all fields of design – product, interior, landscape, fashion, graphic – architecture, food, music, wine and experiences that celebrate the richness, beauty and excitement of uniquely Western Australian life and style and this is the currency of Fabric Quarterly like no other publication or forum that I know.  Not only has my own work been showcased to a national and increasingly international audience, but I personally continue to discover so much in my own proverbial backyard that I never knew about – a testament to the ability of Fabric Quarterly to seek out and highlight exceptional creative, artistic and innovative people, places and products that show the world who we are and what we do – and, most importantly, what we can offer and do for the world in addition to and beyond our resources, our extraordinary landscape and our incredible sunsets. “

Kim Pearson Design & Decoration



“I am writing this testimonial for Fabric Quarterly on behalf of our Architecture practice, Whispering Smith. We have been associated with the Fabric Quarterly since our project ‘House A’ was featured on the cover of Issue 01, and we have been a grateful beneficiary of Fabric Quarterly’s tireless efforts to raise the profile of art, culture and architecture in WA.

Fabric Quarterly is one of the only independent print media platforms currently featuring the work of local architects, artists and entrepreneurs in WA. The mission of the Fabric Quarterly team to publish content that reflects the lifeblood of our state’s creative and cultural industries is actively working to develop WA’s identity.

As a young, female-led architecture practice we have always looked to the eastern states and abroad for engaged media, finding opportunities to promote our work and the work of our peers to be almost non-existent in Perth. We have received emails from prospective clients who were ‘shocked’ to see that we are based in WA after reading about our work in national or international media as they ‘just didn’t realise there was any good architects in Perth’.

Since our work was published in Fabric Quarterly 01, we have been thrilled with the number of collaborators, prospective clients and local connections that we have forged as part of a wider community that has been championed by the Fabric Quarterly team. We can’t put a figure on the value of these networks to our business and our profession, and we genuinely feel that we are part of a new creative and cultural era in Perth that is gathering momentum thanks to Fabric Quarterly.

WA’s vibrant creative industries are only limited by the lack of exposure they receive, and it is our sincere hope that Fabric Quarterly is able to expand its distribution. We are so grateful for all the hard work put in by the Fabric Quarterly team and we hope you will consider WA’s best independent art, culture and architecture platform as worthy a candidate for support as we do.”

Kate Fitzgerald, Director, Whispering Smith Architecture