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Cooee – a call to the heart of Australians across a distance, a call that commands attention to come close, to come meet us by the Swan River.

Resting in a prominent curve of the picturesque Swan River at the treasured Old Swan Brewery site, Cooee is set to be a landmark Western Australian restaurant with excellence in its spirit.

Immersed in the natural environment in which it resides, the 125-seat eatery has been imagined with the essence of the Swan River and Kings Park in mind – creating an experience
that is uniquely and proudly Western Australian.

Cooee will offer a tranquil repose to riverside exercisers, tourists, businesspeople and locals alike who will immerse themselves in this inimitable, world-class location.

Led by Michelin-star veteran chef, Alan Wise, the welcoming, Australian-inspired menu will take artistic cues from the venue’s riverside location and celebrate WA’s rich abundance of
locally sourced produce.

Cooee is a place for all, for every need – from dining and a selection of curated wines to the finest barista coffee, every element has been considered and every need is fulfilled.

There’s a ‘Cooee’ echoing around Perth calling you to the banks of the Swan River, with the venue set to open in early-November.

Cooee will be the first venue to open as part of the food and beverage portfolio of Z1Z, the accommodation, food and beverage, sport and entertainment arm of Tattarang.